waterproofing contractors in chennai
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PU Grouting

 waterproofing contractors in chennai

Anti Corrision Coating

waterproofing contractors in chennai

Polymer Cement Waterproofing

waterproofing contractors in chennai

Foam Sealant

 waterproofing contractors in chennai

Water Repellent Coating

 waterproofing contractors in chennai

Bituminous Waterproofing

 waterproofing contractors in chennai

Elastomeric Water Proofing

waterproofing contractors in chennai

We do all kind of waterproofing services in chennai.

 waterproofing contractors in chennai


 waterproofing contractors in chennai

We maintain high standards of quality service to protect valuable buildings. We use advanced and different methods of water proofing through Chemical / Bitumen materials. High quality branded materials are used which are highly recommended for the process of water proofing treatment.



Epoxy Water Proofing is a two component Epoxy resin based waterproofing compound. One part is consisting of epoxy resin and the other part with curing agent. After mixing both the parts it can be thinned down with water. It possesses all the attributes of normal solvent based epoxy compositions such as excellent water and chemical resistance, adhesion, hardness, toughness and mechanical strength. One of the major advantage of Epoxy over solvent based epoxy is that it can be applied on damp surface also. Being free from solvents, it does not pose any health hazards or fire hazards to the applicator. Epoxy is completely safe, convenient & economical to apply.



Polyurethane Sealant for filling and sealing joints in building construction. It is elastic, weather-resistant, non-sagging, and water tight with excellent adhesion t practically all surfaces. There is no need for a primer. For highly porous substrates.



We are involved in providing Chemical Based Waterproof Coating services to our respected clients. It proves helpful to the clients by offering various advantages such as resistant to growth of fungus or micro organisms, offer durability in all climatic conditions, non-toxic, excellent bonding to concrete & masonry, water resistant and forms strong, tough film after curing. Our range of services is related to epoxy coating, bituminous polyurethane coating and polymer modified cementitious coating in effective manner. 



Our expert team allows us to offer Protective Coating services, which is famous for its variety of benefits such as offering universal strainers for light shades, offers breath ability for preventing moisture, curing a tough flexible & abrasion resistant coating, resistant to chalking and flaking and offering strong bonding on cement concrete, asbestos & mild steel. Our range of services finds its application in various areas like chajjas, external vertical walls, china mosaic tiles, water tanks (externally), sloppy roofs, asbestos roof, roof terraces and stone walls. These services consist of acrylic elastomeric dust proof coating and polyurethane waterproof coatings.



Crack Filling Sealants service is offered by us to match up with the rising demands of various industries. These finds its application in various areas like baseboard, crack filling of internal/ external walls, moulding, window and door frames, sliding and trim, pipes, other gaps and opening, vents and corner joints. Our range of services is beneficial for providing variety of advantages like excellent weathering, excellent adhesion on plaster, brick, painted surface, metal, resistance to heat and moisture and prevents air and moisture from passing through the cracks and joints.

Our Features:

waterproofing contractors in chennai
  • Quick and On Time : We understand your valuable time, we take utmost care to finish the job quickly and effectively.
  • Availability : We provide full customer support after completion of job.
  • High Standards : We never compromise on the quality of work.
  • Technical Expertise : We are equipped with modern technological tools and experienced staff.